MA or MSc in Geography

These two-year programs combine course work with a thesis and are tailored to the needs and interests of each Masters student. In their initial year, students take two mandatory courses: Debates in Geographic Thought and Research Design. As well, students will choose a minimum of three other courses from an array of specialized courses in their area of interest and research. Throughout their degree, students will work towards completing a supervised thesis. The program provides a blend of formal instruction, seminar discussions, personal supervision, a wide array of field experiences, and the opportunity to practice and improve communication, teaching and research skills.For details about courses and other program requirements see the Program Components section in the Graduate Handbook.


Masters students are supervised through an Advisory Committee of at least two, consisting of the Supervisor and one or more Advisors. The Supervisor is responsible for supervising and guiding all aspects of the student’s academic program, especially the design of the research project, completion of the research proposal, data collection and analysis and thesis writing. The Advisory Committee provides a formal support system and is required to meet for scheduled diagnostic meetings (please see the Graduate Student Handbook for details), but students are encouraged to draw widely on faculty for informal assistance in their research.

Program Components

The program components for the MA and MSc include: 1) attending the orientation and retreat; 2) completion of at three diagnostic meetings with the advisory committee; 3) completion of five courses (three mandatory and two others); 4) successful completion of a thesis proposal; 5) thesis research and writing; 6) thesis defense and final submission. Please see the Graduate Student Handbook for details.

Upgrade to PhD

Exceptional students who have completed their Masters coursework may potentially upgrade to a PhD. Please see the Graduate Student Handbook for detailed regulations and procedures.


Please contact the Graduate Administrator with any questions regarding the graduate program.
Phone: 519-661-2111, Ext. 85033;