About Us


Geography is a broad discipline that combines social and natural science to examine the environment – the World in which we live. Geography examines the spatial relationships between humans and the natural environment. It attempts to answer questions related to where, how and why such spatial patterns and processes exist and how they interact. It uses tools of spatial analysis, Geographic Information Science, to answer many important questions that we face as a society. Geography is inherently interdisciplinary and provides a broad, well-rounded education that is an appropriate base for many different careers.

At Western Geography and Environment, we are committed to excellence in research and teaching. Our four research clusters include Environment Development & Health, Geographic Information Science, Physical Geography, and Urban Studies. Our faculty conduct research right here in London and around the world in a variety of settings. We are actively building research strength in the area of “Urban Environments” with new faculty appointments to address the many geographic issues that arise from the majority of humanity now living in urban settings.

If you are a high school or undergraduate student considering a degree or module that is right for you, then Geography and Environment has a wide range of options, including BA and BSc degrees that allow you to focus on social science, physical science or technical aspects of the discipline. Many of our courses include applied and hands-on-learning components.

If you are considering graduate school, we offer both MA/MSc and PhD programs in Geography and Environment, as well as a number of collaborative graduate programs. All our graduate programs are research based, so finding an appropriate research supervisor is an important first step in the application process.

James Voogt, Chair,
Department of Geography and Environment