Physical Geography Learning Lab

The Physical Geography Learning Laboratory (PGLL), which was officially opened in January 2015, offers a unique and engaging learning environment for students taking Physical Geography courses. The PGLL is an innovative facility providing integrated local field and lab experiences for students to better understand the natural environment, human impacts on the environment, and supports the development of critical skills necessary for a variety of careers and graduate studies.

Research Labs

Our Research Labs consist of the following 11 individual labs:

  • Environmental Hazards and Health Lab
  • Fluvial Geomorphology Lab
  • Geographic Information Technology & Applications Lab
  • Human Environments Analysis Lab
  • Indigenous Health Lab
  • Lake and Reservoir System (LARS) Research Facility
  • Surface Climates Lab

Computing Facilities

Our Computing Facilities include:

  • Big Data Lab (SSC 1059) 
    The use of this computing laboratory is restriced to students registered in Social Science courses that utilize this room. 

  • Geographic Information Systems Lab (SSC 1316A) 
    The use of this micro computing laboratory is restricted to students registered in specific Geography courses, graduate students and faculty.

  • Graduate Computing Lab (SSC 6300) 
    The use of this micro computing laboratory is restricted to graduate students and departmental personnel only.

Cartographic Section

The Cartographic Section provides custom maps and illustrations, primarily to support departmental research using a variety of cartographic, GIS and illustration software.