Godwin Arku

Associate Professor
Western Faculty Scholar

Godwin Arku

Contact Information

Office: Room 2427, SSC
Tel: 519 661-2111, 85343
E-mail: garku@uwo.ca

Research Areas

Regional and local economic development policy and planning; Urban development and policy analysis; Immigrants Integration; Development issues.

Research Interests

My research spans 'urban' and 'economic' sub-division of human geography, especially as they relate to the transformation of urban systems in a changing global environment. I am also interested in issues of third world development. Specific areas of present research interests are:

  1. Regional and local economic development policy and planning
  2. Urban development and policy analysis
  3. Immigrants Integration
  4. Development issues


GEO 2420 – Economic Geography

GEO 2460 – Urban Development

GEO 3465 – Urban Economic Development and Policy

GEO 9117 – Urban Geography of the Developing World

Supervised Graduate Students and Theses Titles

PhD Students

  • E. Annan-Aggrey (Current) Overview of the development partner landscape in Ghana in relation to the SDGs
  • E. Bandauko (Current) Governance and the Spatial Politics of Street Traders in African Cities
  • M. Chatwin (Current) Context Matters: Examining the systems characteristics that limit or facilitate inclusive civic participation in local government
  • S. Kutor (Current) International migration and Immigration policies
  • I. Yusuf (Current) Gentrifried: A post-colonial analysis of the gentrification of Ottawa's "Heron-Gate"
  • E. Kyeremeh (2020) Immigrant Personal Networks and the Integration Process in Canada: A Case Study of Ghanaian Immigrants in the GTA
  • R. Antabe (joint-supervised) (2020) HIV Vulnerability and Resilience among Heterosexual African, Caribbean and Black (ACB) men in London, Ontario, Canada
  • E. Cleave (2018) Does It Work? Examining the Effectiveness of Place Branding in Local Economic Development
  • L. Hussey (2018) Examining Climate Change-Health Nexus in Ghana
  • S. McFarlane-Morris (2017) Development in Whose Interest? Understanding the Promises and Realities of Mass Tourism as the Key Development Strategy along the North Coast of Jamaica: A Comparative Analysis of the Towns of Falmouth and Lucea
  • L. Osei (2017) Poverty, Unemployment and Youth Empowerment in African Mining Communities: The Case of Ghana
  • V. Kuuire (2015) Understanding Immigrant Housing Integration in Canada - The Role of Transnational Engagements
  • R. Sadler (2013) Evaluating the Food System and Effective Interventions for Health and the Economy

Masters Students

  • D. Spilsbury (Current) Hedging Your Bet: Single industry towns' response to economic change in Canada
  • M. Vecchio (2020) Treasure amongst the ruins: Urban industrial plant redevelopment - The Policy and Industrial Practices of Ontario
  • C. DuBreck (2017) Investigating the Geographic Variation in Children's Menu Items in Four North American Cities
  • T. Thayer (2016) Built Environment and Travel Behaviour
  • J. Kennedy (2015) Service providers and tenants perceptions of the Housing First Model in Southern Ontario
  • E. Cleave (2014) Economic development in the contemporary global environment: The role of place branding as a tool of local economic development in Ontario, Canada
  • M. Taabazuing (2012) Economic development in a knowledge-based economy: Perceptions of directors and consultants in Ontario
  • M. Zaami (2012) Experiences of Socio-Apatial Exclusion among Ghanaian Immigrant Youth in Toronto: Case Study of Jane-Finch Neighbourhood
  • V. Kuuire (2011) Food Security Situation of Migrant Farmers in the Brong Ahafo Region of Ghana
  • M. Hayek (2009) Brownfield redevelopment in London, Ontario: Developing a methodology for creating a Brownfield database and an examination of policy initiatives aimed at promoting redevelopment
  • C. Oosterbaan (2009) Economic reforms and changing urban landscape of Accra and Kumasi: The conversion of residential units into commercial and office spaces


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