Peter Ashmore

Undergraduate Chair

Peter Ashmore

Contact Information

Office: Room 1405, SSC
Tel: 519 661-2111, 85026

Research Areas

Fluvial geomorphology, sediment transport

Research Interests

Recent and current projects include: bed material transport in gravel rivers and mechanics of braided rivers (field site in Canadian Rockies plus small-scale model studies); stream morphology, land-use impacts on river systems, stream habitat and stream channel design (southern Ontario); regional denudation and sediment sources in glaciated landscapes; climate change impacts on fluvial processes in Canada.


GEO 1300 – Introduction to the Physical Environment

GEO 2330 – Geomorphology & Hydrology

GEO 3334 – Geomorphology of River Channels

GEO 9998 - Debates in Geographic Thought

Supervised Graduate Students and Theses Titles

PhD Students

  • C. Dawson (Current) Evaluating Terrain Surface Complexity of Designed Rivers
  • L. Middleton (Current) Braided river dynamics
  • S. Peirce (2017) Morphological Active width and bedload flux in gravel-bed braided rivers
  • J.T. Gardner (2009) Morpho-dynamics and sedimentology of confluences in gravelly braided rivers
  • R. Egozi (2006) Channel pattern variation in braided rivers
  • A. Doeschl (2002) Assessing braided river dynamics with a cellular model
  • R. Pryce (2001) Morphological control of bedload transport in modeled gravel-bed rivers
  • D. Boyes (1999) Morphometry and lake development on the Mackenzie Delta, NMT

Masters Students

  • V. Barlow (Current) Geomorphology; GIS
  • K. Goguen (Current) The impacts of urbanization on in-channel large wood
  • M. Sauro (Current) Sediment transport rates in a large riverbed- San Juan River, Vancouver Island
  • R. McQueen (2019) Sediment supply and sediment transportation dynamics
  • D. Barr (2017) The Effects of Urbanization on Channel Morphology in a Small Catchment
  • J. Howett (2017) Fluvial Geomorphology
  • L. Middleton (2017) Geomorphology
  • T. Hrytsak (2012) Alluvial Cover Dynamics in a Semi-alluvial Channel: A Case Study of Medway Creek, London, ON
  • N. Sampson (2011) The Use of Geomorphic Principles in Natural Channel Design: The State of River Restoration Practice in Southern Ontario, Canada
  • J. McDonald (2011) Response of River Channel Morphology to Urbanization: The Case of Highland Creek, Toronto, Ontario, 1954-2005
  • M. Ferencevic (2008) Stream power analysis for stream stability assessment
  • F. Varkaris (2002) Variability in sediment transport estimates, Sunwapta River
  • S. Baxter (2001) Use of stream for power for assessing stream channel stability
  • J.B. Lindsay (2000) Error in measurement of river bed topography and topographic change
  • G.E. Foster (1998) Morphology of three semi-alluvial stream channels in southern Ontario
  • B.D. Kussner (1995) Variation of bedload transport in Sunwapta River, Alberta
  • D. Jackson (1994) The sedimentology of braided gravel-bed rivers
  • L.C. Chew (1994) Channel adjustments in a pro-glacial stream
  • J.J.W. Luce (1994) Confluence zone sedimentation processes
  • J. Goff (1991) Braiding: bed sediment transport and morphological change
  • F.M. Conly (1990) Patterns of bar development and sand-flat initiation in the South Saskatchewan River


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Chapters in Books

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Authored Books

Gravel-bed Rivers: Processes, tools environments, (2012). M. Church, A. Roy, P. Biron (Editors); P. Ashmore, N. Bergeron, T. Buffin-Belanger, C. Rennie (Associate Editors), Chichester, Wiley Blackwell, 563p.