Michele Buzzelli

Associate Professor
Director, Western Centre for Urban Policy and Local Governance

Michael Buzzelli

Contact Information

Office: Room 2429, SSC
Tel: 519 661-2111, 85329
E-mail: mbuzzel@uwo.ca

Research Areas

Higher education policy, research on teaching and learning, society-space relationships with a focus on housing, health and GIS


GEO 3463 - Housing

GEO 4220 - The Geoweb & Geomedia

GEO 9099 - Research Design and Presentation

Supervised Graduate Students and Theses Titles

PhD Students

  • E. Narh (Current) Higher education student migration in Canada
  • D. Crenna (2019) Urbanization in Canada as the evolution of increasingly complex systems
  • E. Songsore (2015) Wind Energy Development in Ontario: Factors Influencing Deployment and Policy Outcomes

Masters Students

  • E. Narh (2020) Economic development in Canada and Globally
  • E. Asafo-Adjei (2020) The teaching and learning connection in town-gown relations
  • C. McLean (2013) Attracting and Retaining Highly Skilled in Medium-Sized City-regions of Ontario: The Role of the Built Environment
  • K. Clemens (2012) Attracting and Retaining the Highly Skilled in Medium-sized City-regions of Ontario
  • E. Songsore (2011) Community responses to wind energy development in Ontario
  • G. McIntyre (2007) The University of British Columbia
  • H. Shulman (2007) Queen’s University
  • T. Bache (2006) The University of British Columbia
  • K. Olson (2006) The University of British Columbia
  • C. Lightowlers (2005) The University of British Columbia

Housing Intern and Scholar Program

  • Y. Rollins (2013) Practitioner Perspectives on Social Housing Regeneration in Ontario. Western University
  • E. Songsore (2013) Municipal Incentives for Affordable Housing in Ontario. Western University
  • V. Kuuire (2012) A Social Return on Investment (SROI) Framework for Mapping the Impact of Social Housing in Ontario, Canada. Western University
  • R. Thomas (2012) Innovation in Canada's Social Economy: Social Enterprises in Affordable Housing. University of British Columbia and University of Amsterdam
  • S. D'Addario (2011) A comparative Analysis of Strategies for Hidden Homelessness and Homeless Prevention in Northern Ontario. York University
  • J. Kyser (2011) Suitability and Sustainability: Improving Frameworks for Aboriginal Housing in Canada. University of Calgary
  • J. Osborne (2011) Vertical poverty re-examined: Living in High-Rise Apartment Buildings in Toronto's Inner Suburbs. Western University
  • T. Thomson (2011) Rent supplement/housing allowance programs in Ontario. University of British Columbia
  • J. Woodhall (2011) International perspectives on rent supplement/housing allowance programs. University of Waterloo
  • N. Falvo (2009) Homelessness, Program Responses, and an Assessment of Toronto's Streets to Homes Program. Carlton University
  • A. Jinha (2009) Recession and Stimulus Spending: A Preliminary Examination of Stimulus Spending on Affordable Housing in Ontario. University of Ottawa
  • H. Looker (2009) The Home ownership Component of the Canada-Ontario Affordable Housing Program: Critical Analysis of Program Objectives. University of Toronto
  • J. Mah (2009) Can Inclusionary Zoning Help Address the Shortage of Affordable Housing in Toronto? University of Toronto
  • H. Millar (2009) Rehousing Vancouver's Street-Involved Youth. Simon Fraser University
  • C. Schuk (2009) Overcoming Challenges in Centralized and Decentralized Housing Models: Ontario and British Columbia Compared. Queen’s University
  • A. Slaunwhite (2009) Under Pressure: Affordable Housing in Rural Ontario. Queen’s University
  • S. Swanton (2009) Social Housing Wait Lists and the One-Person Household in Ontario. University of Waterloo
  • A. Friendly (2008) Towards Food Security Policy for Canada's Social Housing Sector. University of Toronto
  • A. Moskalyk (2008) The Role of Public-Private Partnerships in Funding Social Housing in Canada. Western University
  • D. Wachsmuth (2008) Housing for Immigrants in Ontario's Medium-Sized Cities. University of Toronto
  • A. Jones (2007) The Role of Supportive Housing for Low-Income Seniors in Ontario. University of British Columbia
  • M. Pitt (2007) Linking Social Housing and Energy Efficiency. McGill University


Refereed Journals

Buzzelli, M. (2020). “The modifiable areal unit problem”, in International Encyclopedia of Human Geography, 2nd ed., A. Kobayashi, editor. London: Elsevier.