Jason Gilliland

Director, Urban Development Program
Cross Appointed with School of Health Studies, the Department of Paediatrics and Department of Epidemiology & Biostatistics

Jason Gilliland

Contact Information

Office: Room 2432, SSC
Tel: 519 661-2111, 81239
E-mail: jgillila@uwo.ca

Research Areas

Healthy Communities, Active Transportation, Children's Geographies, Food Environments, Health Geography and GIS

Research Interests

My professional and academic background is in architecture, urban planning, and human geography and my research can be characterized as an integration of all three disciplines. I am particularly interested in the dynamics of environmental and social change from the scale of entire cities down to the level of individual buildings and their inhabitants. My ongoing research focuses on various aspects of urban planning and development, urban design, housing, transportation, children's environments, and public health in Canadian cities. This work utilizes both qualitative and quantitative methodologies and I have a particular interest in advancing urban and health applications of geographic information systems (GIS).

The Human Environments Analysis Lab


GEO 2160 - Healthy Cities

GEO 3461 – Land Use and Development Issues

GEO 9114 – Urban Studies

GEO 9310 - Systematic Reviews for Environment, Development and Health

Supervised Graduate Students and Theses Titles

PhD Students

  • O. Caruso (Current) Health Geography, Food Access and Urban Food Environments, and Youth Healing and Wellbeing 
  • J. Grignon (Current) t.b.d.
  • S. Lewkowitz (Current) Gender, Urban Studies, Participatory Research and Community Based Learning
  • A. Morgenthaler (Current) Urban Studies; Urban Geography
  • C. Reining (Current) t.b.d.
  • A. Wray (Current) Impacts of COVID-19 on the retail food industry
  • H. Everitt (2023) A Direct Measurement Approach to Understanding Household Food Wasting
  • B. Button (2020) Examining the influences of Canadian children's physical activity patterns/ levels
  • M. Healy (2018) From Accessibility and Exposure to Engagement: A Multi-scalar Approach to Measuring Environmental Determinants of Children's Health Using Geographic Information Systems
  • P. van der Werf (2018) Developing and Testing a Novel Intervention to Reduce Household Food Waste
  • E. Paddle (2016) Staged to Learn: Trees as a Restorative Amenity In and Around Schools
  • D. Rivet (2016) Active Transportation and the Built Environment
  • D. Lafreniere (2014) Reconstructing the Spatial and Temporal Patterns of Daily Life in the 19th Century City: A Historical GIS Approach
  • J. Loebach (2013) Neighbourhood influences on children's play
  • R. Sadler (joint-supervised) (2013) Evaluating the Food System and Effective Interventions for Health and the economy
  • M. Novak (2010) The evolution of retail landscapes in London, Canada, since 1850

Masters Students

  • S. Edwards (joint-supervised) (Current) t.b.d.
  • N. Frisbee (joint-supervised) (Current)
  • T. Roswell (Current)
  • A. Aglipay (2023) Examining the Relationship Between Park Design and Children's Park Use and Play Behaviours in London, Ontario using Behaviour Mapping
  • J. Chang (joint-supervised) (2023) Developing Youth-informed and Quality-aware Spatial Accessibility Measures to Urban Parks Using a Survey-based 2SFCA Method in London, Ontario and Halifax, Nova Scotia
  • E. Fabri (2023) Exploring Stakeholder Perspectives of Active School Travel Policies in Ontario
  • H. Jantzi (2023) Smartphones for Smart Eating: Evaluating the Effectiveness of Smartphone Applications on Improving Adolescent Food Knowledge
  • A. Overvelde (2023) Investigating the Effects of Pandemic Related Workplace Changes on the Wellbeing of Ontario’s Food Hospitality and Food Retail Employees
  • Z. Askwith (2022) Environmental Influences on E-cigarette Use Among Young People
  • B. Klar (joint-supervised) (2022) Understanding changes to human mobility patterns in Ontario, Canada during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • D. Lui (joint-supervised) (2022) Motor Vehicle Collisions in London, Ontario: Estimating the influence of the built environment and children’s potential exposure
  • O. Ladele (joint-supervised) (2020) Food waste avoidance and food/ organic collection programs
  • M. Little (2020) A novel spatio-temporal examination of children's accessibility, exposure, and engagement to parks and recreation spaces in Middlesex-London, Ontario
  • A. Medeiros (2020) Equity Considerations in Active School Travel Interventions
  • E. Ostermeier (2020) We built it, but why are they not coming? Grade five children's perceptions and barriers to accessing a community-based physical activity program
  • A. Piaskoski (2020) Experiencing rural household food insecurity: A broad examination and regional example
  • A. Wray (2020) Signs with a Side of Fries: The influence of outdoor advertising on retail food outlet purchases by adolescents
  • D. Bowman (2019) Development and Application of a Teen-informed Tool for Measuring the Power of Food-related Advertisements in Canadian Environments
  • K. Schieman (2018) Comparing geospatial approaches to delineating children's interactions with their physical environment: A case study of children in rural Northwestern
  • L. Taylor (2018) Examining geographic variation in children's perceived barriers to physical activity and the implications on behaviour
  • J. Campbell (joint-supervised) (2017) Children's Health and the Built Environment. Specifically, a review of recreation facility use by grade 5 students throughout London, Ontario
  • S. Cappuccitti (2017) The impact of a smartphone nutrition intervention on the eating behaviours of adolescent population
  • C. DuBreck (joint-supervised) (2017) Investigating the geographic variation in children's menu items in four North American cities
  • C. Smith (2017)  Examining the implementation process of a local children's physical activity program
  • S. Tillmann (2017) Nature and Children's Mental Health
  • K. Wilson (2017) Children's Health: Active Transport
  • M. Clark (2016) Small Food Business Incubation and Community Economic Development
  • M. McGregor (2016) Using a smartphone app to target food accessibility with spatial and temporal interventions
  • C. Mitchell (2016) Active transportation and the built environment
  • T. Thayer (joint-supervised) (2016) Understanding the Spatiality of Urban Active and Public Transportation Patterns
  • S. Fitzpatrick (2014) Examining Children's Perceptions and use of their Neighbourhood built Environments: A Novel Participatory Mapping Approach
  • L. McIntosh (2014) Examining the impact of children's exposure to and use of natural built environments on sleep
  • L. Richard (2014) Inactive commuting to school and children's health-related behaviours and outcomes
  • C. Rangel (2013) The Local Food Environment of Children in London Ontario: A Methodological Comparison
  • E. Hill (2012) Identifying the Influence of Parents' and Children's Perceptions of Their Built and Social Environments on Children's Mode of Travel to and From School
  • M. Maltby (2012) Case studies of personal exposure to PM25 during children's school journeys and cyclist's morning commutes in London, Ontario, Canada
  • D. Lafreniere (2010) Upgrade from Masters Program to PhD Program
  • D. Stubbs (2010) Quantitative Analysis of Residential Morphology in SW Ontario
  • R. Sadler (joint-supervised) (2010) Upgrade from Masters Program to PhD Program
  • K. Larsen (2008) Environmental Influences on Mode of Travel to School
  • M. Holmes (2006) Public play spaces for youth in London, Ontario
  • M. Novak (2006) Fire and urban morphology: a spatial-temporal analysis of destruction and reconstruction
  • M. Luciani (2005) The geography of emergency food assistance


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Gilliland 20

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