David Goldblum

Associate Professor

David Goldblum

Contact Information

Office: Room 2403, SSC
Tel: 519 661-2111, 85003
E-mail: david.goldblum@uwo.ca

Research Areas

Biogeography; Natural disturbances and anthropogenic impacts on forest, grassland, and woodland plant communities

Research Interests

I am a biogeographer whose research interests focus on both natural disturbances and anthropogenic impacts on forest, grassland, and woodland plant communities. These disturbances include natural phenomena such as fire, insect outbreaks, windthrow, and treefalls as well as human-induced disturbance such as climate change, exotic species introductions, habitat fragmentation, and alteration of natural disturbance regimes (e.g. fire suppression). Techniques include plant carbon assimilation measurements, tree-ring analysis (dendroecology), forest stand analysis, and multivariate statistics.


GEO 2210 - Introduction to Statistics for Geographers
GEO 2320 - Introductory Biogeography
GEO 3001 - Community-based Methods and Practices


Refereed Journals

Ackerman, F. & Goldblum, D. (2021). 'Lodgepole Pine and Interior Spruce Radial Growth Response to Climate and Topography in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, Alberta.' Canadian Journal of Forest Research. 51: 1-16.

Billah, M. M. & Goldblum, D. (2019). 'Climatic impacts on radial tree growth of Picea glauca and Picea engelmannii across Canada and USA: divergence, decadal oscillations, and climate change.' Physical Geography. 40: 503-520.

Bauer, A., Farrell, R. & Goldblum, D. (2016). 'The geography of forest diversity and community changes under future climate conditions in the eastern United States. Ecoscience.' 23: 41-53.

Goldblum, D. & Prolic, C. (2016). 'The effect of monthly climate conditions on radial growth of Quercus stellata throughout its range.' Southeastern Geographer 56: 171-186.