Jinhyung Lee

Assistant Professor

Jin Lee

Contact Information

Office: Room 2422, SSC
Tel: 519 661-2111, 85025
E-mail: jinhyung.lee@uwo.ca

Research Areas

Transportation, time geography, spatial accessibility, inequalities, geographic data science

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Research Interests

I am a quantitative transport geographer. I lead The Just Transport Geography Lab at Western. My research leverages geographic information science, big data analytics, spatial statistics, and time geography to study urban transportation. Specifically, I focus on developing innovative analysis and modelling techniques to enhance our understanding of human mobility and accessibility in time across space. The overarching goal of my research is to provide insights for evidence-based, scientific transport planning and policy to promote sustainability and social justice within cities.

I am currently seeking MSc and PhD Students with interests in social equity analysis of spatial accessibility, real-time & big public transit data analytics, transport project evaluation, and time geography. If interested, please contact me via email along with your up-to-date CV.


GEO 3225 – Transportation Geography & GIS

GEO 3211 – Spatial Statistics

GEO 3226 – Urban Data Science

GEO 9411 – Geographic Data Science using Python

Supervised Graduate Students and Theses Titles

Masters Students

  • N. Ahmed (joint-supervised) (Current) Fusion of remote sensing and GIS for measuring the social equity of spatial accessibility to urban green in Bangladesh
  • J. Chang (joint-supervised) (Current) ParkSeek: Measuring geographic accessibility to parks and recreational facilities in Canada
  • S. Ho (Current) Spatio-temporal analyses of public transit pass-ups in a mid-sized Canadian city
  • J. Hutchenreuther (joint-supervised) (Current) T.B.D.


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Sohyun Park, Aram Yang, Hui Jeong Ha & Jinhyung Lee. (2021). “Measuring the Differentiated Impact of New Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) Projects onHouseholds’ Movements by Income Level within Urban Areas.” Urban Science, 5(4),79.

Youngbin Lee, Sohyun Park, Hui Jeong Ha & Jinhyung Lee. (2021). “Discovering Millennials’ Migration Clusters in Seoul, South Korea: A Local Spatial Network Autocorrelation Approach.” Urban Findings, November.

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