Agnieszka Leszczynski

Associate Professor
Sabbatical July 1 - December 31, 2021

Agnieszka Leszczynski

Contact Information

Office: Room 2413, SSC
Tel: 519 661-2111, 80161

Research Areas

Digital geographies, platforms and cities, digital location/geolocation, GIScience & Society

Research Interests

I am a digital geographer and geographic information scientist. My current projects examine digital platforms in Canadian cities, and location-based technology startups in the digital economy.

I am currently seeking graduate students with interests in urban GIS, urban platforms and smart cities, and all aspects of digital geographies, with opportunities available to collaborate with me on my current projects.


GEO 2220 – Geographic Information Science I

GEO 3414 – Digital Technology, Society & the Environment

GEOG 3250 – Social Science Research Methods in Geography

GEO 9121 – Digital Environments

Supervised Graduate Students and Theses Titles

Masters Students

  • V. Kong (Current) Studying the prevalence, usage and potential impact of micro mobility programs
  • S. Sadati Far (Current) Urban studies/ visual analysis of smart cities


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Conference Proceedings

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