Jed Long

Assistant Professor

Jed Long

Contact Information

Office: Room 2405, SSC
Tel: 519 661-2111, 87319

Research Areas

GIS/GIScience, GPS tracking, movement, space-time models, spatial ecology, open source software

Research Interests

My research involves using geographic information systems (GIS) and other spatial analysis techniques in the study of movement (e.g., using GPS tracking). Specifically, I am interested in developing and applying novel methods for spatial and space-time analysis. I am also interested in other research areas relating more broadly to GIScience; including spatial modelling, volunteered geographic information (and non-traditional data), and map comparison. Finally, as a huge sports fan, I am fascinated by ways spatial data and analysis can be used in sports analytics.

Geospatial Analysis Lab


GEO 3210 – Geocomputation

GEO 3224 – Spatial Ecology and GIS

GEO 9113 – Geographical Data & Analysis


Supervised Graduate Students and Theses Titles

PhD Students

  • M. Malekzadeh (Current) Computational Movement Analysis/ Urban Analysis/ Transportation

Masters Students

  • A. Iyer (Current) Movement of birds along migration routes: habitat analysis and conservation
  • R. Kirton (Current) Movement ecology of White Tailed Deer in Oklahoma
  • B. Klar (joint-supervised) (Current) Spatial analysis of urban and regional travel patterns, and geostatistical analysis methods
  • D. Liu (joint-supervised) (Current) Impact of Urban Design on Motor Vehicle Collisions
  • J. McIlraith (Current) Environmental modelling, spatial analysis and GIS application development/ automation


Refereed Journals

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