Natasha MacBean

Assistant Professor
Jointly Appointed with the Department of Biology

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Contact Information

Office: Room 2412, SSC
Lab: Room 2404, SSC
Tel: 519 661-2111, 85008

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Research Areas

Carbon and biogeochemical cycles, vegetation dynamics, climate and environmental change, land surface modelling, environmental remote sensing, model-data fusion/data assimilation

Research Interests

Dr. MacBean’s research focuses on understanding climate-carbon-vegetation interactions in response to climate change, rising CO2, and land use and land cover change. She use two main approaches: 1) developing, testing, and optimizing process-based terrestrial biosphere models; and 2) spatiotemporal data analysis to interpret field and satellite observations. Her work spans scales from ecosystems to the globe, from boreal to tropical forests, and from temperate to semi-arid grasslands. At Western Dr MacBean leads the C3E Lab: Carbon Cycle, Climate, and Ecosystems.


GEO 3353/ 9105 – Environmental modelling

BIO 3425 – Global Change Biology

Supervised Graduate Students and Theses Titles

PhD Students

  • M. Joshi (Current) Modelling Forest Management Impacts on Carbon Sequestration
  • R. Pervin (Current, Indiana University) Mapping and Modelling Dryland Vegetation and Carbon Cycle Patterns and Processes


Refereed Journals

Peer-reviewed journal articles (Student (†) and Postdoc (‡) trainees from my lab underlined)

Steiner, B., Scott, R.L., Hu, J., MacBean, N., Richardson, A., and Moore, D.J.P. (2024) Using Phenology to Unravel Differential Soil Water Use and Productivity in a Semiarid Savanna, Ecosphere, 15, e4762

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Book Chapters, Conference Proceedings, and Other Published Works

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