Genevieve Metson

Associate Professor

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Office: Room 2403, SSC
Tel: 519 661-2111, 85011

Research Areas

Urban ecology, sustainability, biogeochemistry (phosphorus and nitrogen), organic waste management, food systems.
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Research Interests

Dr. Metson’s work focuses on how we can better manage nutrients (phosphorus, nitrogen, potassium, and carbon) in diverse socio-ecological contexts.

She uses quantitative (e.g., substance flow analysis, spatial mapping, statistical analyses) and qualitative (e.g., multi-actor workshops, interviews, participant observation) methods when answering research questions about:

  1. how resources flow across landscapes
  2. the effect of cross-scale socio ecological context on resource flows,
  3. how socio-ecological context creates barriers and enablers to sustainable transformations, and
  4. how the management of one resource interacts with other sustainability priorities (like climate change) to help transform urban and agricultural landscapes towards sustainability.


GEO 2210B – Introduction to Statistics for Geographers

GEO 3354/ 9122 – Water and Cities

GEO 9099 – Research Design & Presentation


Refereed Journals

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