Dan Shrubsole

Assistant Dean (Social Science)

Dan Shrubsole

Contact Information

Office: Room 9438, SSC
Tel: 519 661-2111, 82053
E-mail: dashrubs@uwo.ca

Research Areas

Integrated resource management (water)

Research Interests

Research interests are in resource and environmental management including:

  • Integrated water management in Canada
  • Integrated catchment management in Queensland, Australia
  • Policy implementations and evaluation


GEO 9099 – Research Design and Presentation

Supervised Graduate Students and Theses Titles

PhD Students

  • D. Bednar (joint-supervised) (2018) The Governance of Climate Change Adaptation in Canada: Two Multilevel Case Studies
  • F. Sekercioglu (joint-supervised) (2018) Ontario's Small Non-community Drinking Water Systems: Risk Perception and Communication Relating to Drinking Water Safety
  • G. Oulahen (joint-supervised) (2014) The production of unequal vulnerability to climate hazards in Metro Vancouver, Canada
  • J. Schmidt (2012) Fairness in water allocation
  • C. Priddle (2009) Adaptive Capacity in Response to Revolutionary Change: The Case of Ontario's Conservation Authorities
  • D. Walters (2005) An assessment of a decision support system for nutrient management in Ontario

Masters Students

  • E. Cameron (Current) Perceptions of real estate sector on urban flooding in Edmonton, Alberta 
  • D. Bednar (2012) Geography, News Media Discourse, and Water Management: A Case Study of the Devils Lake Outlet
  • B. Cook (2006) Flood damages in British Columbia: An analysis of causal factors
  • D. Sandink (2006) Perceptions of flood hazards in Peterborough, Ontario
  • C. Powell (2003) Assessing the implementation of storm water management for the protection of wetlands in London, Ontario
  • D. Walters (1999) Evaluating Ontario's drainage act and wetland management
  • J. Mateo‑Vega (1999) An evaluation of environmental assessment in Costa Rica
  • T. Saab (1999) Pollution from septic systems: Assessing the implementation of Ontario EPA regulation 358 and the clean up rural beaches (CURB) program
  • B. Steinburg MPA (1997) Policy formulation for the management of lands owned by conservation authorities in Ontario
  • R. Tyrie (1995) PCB contamination of Pottersburg Creek: A study of risk awareness, perception and management
  • J. Scherer (1995) Floodplain regulation and the residential real estate sector in Cambridge and Brantford, Ontario
  • V. Hammond (1994) Evaluation of floodplain as implemented by the Upper Thames Conservation Authority: A case study of London, Ontario 1978-1989
  • I. Wilcox (1992) Environmental regulation: An assessment of the practice of agricultural pollution control in Ontario


Refereed Journals

Sekercioglu. M.F., J. White, D. Shrubsole and J. Baxter. (2017). "Relationship between Operational Characteristics of Small Non-community Drinking Water Systems and adverse Water Quality Incidents in Southern Ontario, Canada."  Applied Ecology and Environmental Research.

Sekercioglu. M.F., J. White, D. Shrubsole and J. Baxter. (2017). “Towards a Sustainable Small Non-Community Drinking Water System in Ontario: Owners’ Risk Awareness and Perceptions to Water Safety.”  Journal of Sustainable Development.

Shrubsole, D., D. Waters, B. Veale and B. Mitchell. (2017).  “Integrated Water Management in Canada: The Experience of Watershed Agencies.”  International Journal of Water Resources Development, 33(3): 349-359.  

Sandink, D., P. Kovacs, G. Oulahen and D. Shrubsole. (2016). “Flood Management in Canada: Review and Commentary on Cost Sharing and Risk Transfer for Flood Losses.”  Canadian Water Resources Journal, 41(1-2): 220-237.