Roza Tchoukaleyska

Assistant Professor

Roza Tcoukaleyska

Contact Information

Office: Room 2413, SSC
Tel: 519 661-2111, 85030

Research Areas

urban planning, cultural geographies, public space, food cultures, community-engaged research

Research Interests

I am a cultural geographer and planner with an interest in public space planning, cultures of consumption, and social sustainability. Through my research I considers how public space is conceptualized, the ways in which such sites are shaped through the insertion of food markets, retail, and leisure activities, and the combined impact of these factors on neighbourhood vitality. Viewing public spaces as both social constructions and material spaces, I am guided by questions around the process of community identity making, the role of food in place-making, and the cultural organization of cities. I am concerned with the ways through which decisions related to food policy and public space management mirror wider political, social, and economic debates, and how these factors influence who is seen to form the urban ‘public’ such initiatives cater to.


GEO 2420A – Economic Geography

GEO 9108 – Qualitative Methods

Supervised Graduate Students and Theses Titles

PhD Students

  • M. Spiller (Current) Political Ecology. Assessing Nature Conservation practices and governance through a Social Science lens for policy, planning, and outreach

Masters Students

  • T. Akyea (Current) (joint-supervised) T.B.D.
  • S. Clarke (Current) Food security, Foodways, and Community Planning


Refereed Journals

Tchoukaleyska, R., Carter, K., Dluginski, E., Forward, M., King, A., LeBlanc, O., & Ratcliffe, C. (2022) City-campus connections: Adapting urban planning experiential learning techniques to a smaller city. Journal of Geography in Higher Education, 46(6), 578-598

Abdulai, A.-R., Oklikah, D., & Tchoukaleyska, R. (2022) ‘That was my birth child. I cannot walk away’. Motivations, self-determination, and the formation of farmers in Newfoundland. The Canadian Geographer, 66(3), 485-496

Abdulai, A.-R., Chireh, V.K., & Tchoukaleyska, R. (2021) Engaging diverse audiences: The role of community radio in rural climate change knowledge translation. Journal of Community Engagement and Scholarship, 13(3), 108-121

Allyn, K., & Tchoukaleyska, R. (2020) Soundscaping the archives: Disrupting boundaries through sensory research. GeoHumanities, 6(2), 469-475


Chapters in Books

Tchoukaleyska, R. (2019) Redeveloping Montpellier’s suburban high-rises: National policy meets local activism in the debate over public space. In: R. Keil, M. Ucuglu, M. Guney (Eds.), Massive suburbanization: (Re)building the global periphery one large-scale housing project at a time (pp. 126-141). Toronto: University of Toronto Press.

Lehrer, U., & Tchoukaleyska, R. (2017) Old wine in new bottles: Land, population growth, and Montpellier’s suburban face off. In: N. Phelps (Ed.), Old Europe, new suburbanization? Governance, land and infrastructure in European suburbanization (pp. 133-157). Toronto: University of Toronto Press.