Jinfei Wang


Jinfei Wang

Contact Information

Office: Room 2402, SSC
Tel: 519 661-2111, 85017
E-mail: jfwang@uwo.ca

Research Areas

Remote Sensing and GIS

Research Interests

  • Algorithms for automatic linear and other man-made feature detection from images
  • Methods for GIS feature extraction and lane use/cover change detection in urban environment using multispectral and hyperspectral data
  • Methods for object oriented information extraction from high resolution remotely sensed imagery
  • Applications of radar/optical remote sensing and GIS for environmental change analysis near large rivers/mountains and in marsh and mangrove wetlands


GEO 2230 – Remote Sensing

GEO 3231 – Advanced Topics in Remote Sensing

GEO 9110 – Introduction to Geographic Information Systems

GEO 9418 – Remote Sensing Digital Image Analysis

Supervised Graduate Students and Theses Titles

PhD Students

  • N. Ghasemian (joint-supervised) (Current) Target detection/ Change detection/ Data fusion
  • Y. He (Current) Using the appliction of remote sensing in urban areas
  • D. Kpienbaareh (joint-supervised) (Current) Using Remote Sensing and Public Participatory Geographic Information Systems to understand crop diversity and yield estimation for food security in Malawi
  • B. Shan (Current) Understanding spatial variations in soil and crops using Precision Agriculture
  • Y. Song (2020) Using of UAV-based Optical and Thermal Imagery on the Estimation of within-field Soil and Crop Parameters for Precision Farming
  • B. Feng (2018) Tensor-based Hyperspectral Image Processing Methodology and its Applications in Impervious Surface and Land Cover Mapping
  • C. Liao (2018) Crop monitoring and yield estimation using polarimetric SAR and optical satellite data in southwestern Ontario
  • X. Huang (2016) Application of Polarimetric SAR for Surface Parameter Invasion
  • C. Zeng (2014) Automated Building Information Extraction and Evaluation from High-resolution Remotely Sensed Data
  • F. Flores de Santiago (2013) Multiple approaches for assessing mangrove biophysical variables using in situ and remote sensing techniques
  • Z. Chen (2007) Land Use/Cover Change Detection in the Three Gorges Area
  • Q. Zhang (2002) Spatial, spectral and temporal analysis of urban landscape dynamics using optical satellite data

Masters Students

  • R. Kwik (joint-supervised) (Current) Age estimation of galaxies by the application of Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing
  • J. Yu (Current) Analyzing crop nutrients using spectral remote sensing
  • H. Lee (2020) Canopy Nitrogen Weight Retrieval from UAV imagery for wheat and corn fields
  • M. Roffey (2019) Tree identification using hyperspectral imagery and lidar
  • X. Sun (joint-supervised) (2019) Geospatial analysis of urban sprawl for the City of Toronto
  • P. Crawford (2018) Effects of Aerial LiDAR Data Density on the Accuracy of Building Reconstruction
  • I. Pritchard (joint-supervised) (2016) Automated Impact Crater Detection and Characterization Using Digital Elevation Data
  • Y. Song (2016) Evaluation of the UAV - Based Multispectral Imagery and Its Application for Crop Intra-Field Nitrogen Monitoring and Yield Production in Ontario
  • A. Gambles (2015) Integration of Multi-Temporal and L-Band Synthetic Aperture RADAR (SAR) Imagery for Hierarchical Agricultural Crop Classification in Northeastern Ontario, Canada
  • Q. Ma (2013) Potential of RADARSAT-2 Polarimetric Data for Land Use and Land Cover Classification and Crop Monitoring in Southwestern Ontario
  • T. Zhao (2013) Object-based Urban Building Footprint Extraction and 3D Building Reconstruction from Airborne LiDAR Data
  • N. Lantz (2012) Detection and mapping of Phragmites australis using high resolution multispectral and hyperspectral satellite imagery
  • B. Lehrbass (2010) Object-based Urban Tree Cover Extraction from High Spatial Resolution Optical and LiDAR Imagery: Techniques and Data Integration
  • D. Aldred (2007) Rooftop Identification from Spaceborne Remote Sensing Images
  • Q. Tan (2007) CHRIS-PROBA Hyperspectral Data for Urban Studies in Beijing
  • C. Gilby (2005) Application of remote sensing and a geographic information system (GIS) for monitoring plant invasiveness in the wetlands of Walpole Island, Ontario
  • D. May (2004) Mapping wetland extent and condition from IKONOS satellite imagery of the O'Donnell Point region, Georgian Bay, Ontario
  • J. Tian (2004) Extraction of urban man-made features from high resolution remotely sensed data
  • Z. Chen (2003) Application of GIS to landslide hazard mapping: A case study in southern MacKenzie Valley
  • X. Peng (2002) Use of stereo radarsat data and the derived DEM for landcover mapping in a mountainous are of Southern Argentina
  • S. Arzandeh (2001) Evaluation of radar and optical satellite imagery for wetland mapping and change detection in Walpole Island, Ontario


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Chapters in Books

Chen, Z. and Wang, J. 2010 'Remote Sensing Monitoring of Land Use and Land Cover Change Along Yangtze River, China' in River Basin Dynamics ed D. Higgitt and X. Lu.