Ethics Application

What is the GEASC?

The purpose of the GEASC is to facilitate submissions to the University’s Non-Medical Research Ethics Board (NMREB). The GEASC Committee will review a student’s application prior to submission of the formal application to the NMREB. The GEASC members (Table 1) are available to advise students on research ethics issues generally and specifically, to help the student successfully complete the NMREB ethics application process with a minimum of error and delay.

Who should submit to the GEASC?

The GEASC is for all Geography graduate students and undergraduate students (e.g. Geog 4900/01E) who are planning to conduct research involving human subjects. You are strongly advised to use the GEASC although strictly speaking you can submit through your advisor directly to the NMREB.

Who does not need to submit to the GEASC?

The following students need not submit to GEASC or NMREB:

  • Students whose project has already received ethics approval (e.g. supervisor has already received NMREB approval) unless the work represents a “change to the approved protocol”.

  • Students conducting research as part of a course that has “blanket” approval to conduct research (responsibility of the instructor).

How do I apply for ethics approval?

  • Obtain a NMREB application form from the NMREB Website.
  • Familiarize yourself with the NMREB guidelines
  • Fill out the form in consultation with your advisor.
  • Submit the completed form by the relevant date in Table 2 (see timing below) to the Graduate Assistant in the Geography Main office.
  • Make changes as per GEASC comments and resubmit if advised to do so.
  • Submit the form to your advisor for their approval and signature.
  • Submit to NMREB by the next relevant date in Table 2

When do I apply?

Apply as early as possible. The NMREB meets once a month, usually near the beginning of the month. GEASC deadlines are set at approximately two weeks prior to the NMREB submission deadline to allow time for feedback, revision and resubmission to the GEASC, if required. Two weeks will typically be enough time to deal with any issues that arise, but should the GEASC advise changes that cannot be completed before the next NMREB date, the application may still be submitted a month hence. The Graduate Assistant will forward completed ethics forms to GEASC members (see Table 1) soon after they are received. Thus we highly recommend that you submit well before the GEASC deadline (Table 2).

Members of the GEASC (Table 1)

Member Room Number Telephone Number
Godwin Arku SSC 2427 661-2111 ext. 85343
Belinda Dodson SSC 2413 661-2111 ext. 87319

2015-16 Deadlines for Ethics Form Submission (Table 2)

GEASC Deadlines NMREB Submission Deadline NMREB Meeting