Isaac Luginaah

Canada Research Chair, Health Geography
Graduate Chair

Isaac Luginaah

Contact Information

Office: Room 1409, SSC
Tel: 519 661-2111, 86944

Research Areas

Geography of Health and Health Care; Environment and Health; Advanced Studies in Environment, Development & Health

Research Interests

My broad area of research interest includes environment and health, population health and GIS applications in health. My work involves an integrative understanding of the broad determinants of the population health and the evidence of environment and health linkages. I am specifically interested in the human health impacts of environmental exposure and recent work in this area involves examining the links between ambient air quality and health in Southwestern Ontario. I am also involved in HIV/AIDS research in Africa, specifically Kenya, Ghana and Nigeria.


GEO 2430 – Public Health and Environment

GEO 3431 – Geography of Health and Health Care

GEO 9107 – Environment and Health

Supervised Graduate Students and Theses Titles

PhD Students

  • D. Amoak (Current) Political ecology, health geographies, transnationalism and disaster risk reduction, land use planning, environmental change
  • E. Huner (joint-supervised) (Current) t.b.a.
  • O. Ishola (Current) Gender, environment and food insecurity in Northern Nigeria
  • D. Kpienbaareh (joint-supervised) (Current) Using Remote Sensing and Public Participatory Geographic Information Systems to understand crop diversity and yield estimation for food security in Malawi
  • R. Ragetlie (Current) The relationship between gender and experiences of food insecurity in rural Benin)
  • R. Antabe (joint-supervised) (2020) HIV Vulnerability and Resilience among Heterosexual African, Caribbean and Black (ACB) men in London, Ontario, Canada
  • M. Kansanga (2020) The impact of participatory agroecology on food security, nutrition and gender equality in Malawi
  • K. Atuoye (2019) Large-scale Land Acquisitions in Tanzania: Qualifying the Food Security and Human Health Impacts)
  • S. Vercillo (joint-supervised) (2018) The Differentiation of Smallholer Farming and Household Food Responsibilities in Northern Ghana)
  • S. Mason (2017) Emerging Views of the Rural Landscape in Ontario: A Case Study of the Siting of a Regional Biosolid Processing Facility in Southgate Township
  • L. Osei (joint-supervised) (2017) Poverty, Unemployment, and Youth Empowerment in Africa Mining Communities: The Case of Ghana
  • E. Andoniou (2016) Probiotic Yoghourt for Health, Nutrition and Women's Empowerment in Kenya: A Community-based Approach
  • M. Ung (2016) Assessing Climate Change Adaptation and Health in Coastal Cambodia
  • F. Armah (2015) Environment and human health risk assessment in Tanzania
  • V. Kuuire (joint-supervised) (2015) Impacts of Transnational Activities on Immigrant Integration: A look at Transnational Activities and Housing Consumption Patterns in Canada
  • J. Tobias(joint-supervised) (2015) "We are the Land": Researching Environmental Repossession with Anishinaabe Elders
  • T. Oiamo (joint-supervised) (2014) Environment and Health Impacts in the Vicinity of Major Traffic Pollution: A Comparison of Relocates and Non-Relocates)
  • J. Dixon(2014) The Impact of Ghana National Health Insurance Scheme in the Upper West Region: Helping the Poor or Leaving them Behind
  • P. Mkandawire (2011) Vulnerability of Adolescent Orphans in HIV Infection in Malawi
  • O. Atari (2009) Community Health Study in Sarnia, Chemical Valley, Ontario

Masters Students

  • E. Batung (Current) Assessing the temporal nature of rainfall variability and its implication for food security among small holder farmers in the Upper West Region of Ghana
  • D. Kosmack (Current) The legalization of non-medical cannabis: A story told by Ontario print media
  • K. Mohammed (Current) Smallholder farmer livelihood diversification strategies and climate change resilience in semi-arid Ghana
  • S. Saaka (Current) tba
  • G. Bruser (2020) The Geospatial Patterns of Adherence to HIV Antiretroviral Therapy in Kampala, Uganda
  • B. Ziegler (2020) Timing and utilization of antenatal care in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Burundi
  • B. Bigirimana (2019) Community health, Maternal health and Mental health
  • I. Konkor (2019) Housing and urbanization
  • F. Anfaara (2018) Health Perceptions of Hepatitis B virus (HBV) Transmission in Upper West Region of Ghana
  • J. Tjhin (2018) Space-Time Analysis of Breast Cancer in Middlesex County Between 2003 and 2013
  • J. Were (joint-supervised) (2018) Adolescent Health
  • J. Baada (2017) A gendered perspective on the lived experiences of migrant women farmers in the Brong-Ahafo region of Ghana
  • J. Braimah (2017) CHPS and Maternal Health in U/WR
  • C. Thayer) (2017) Exploring women's perceptions and experiences of 'home' as a place of birth in London, Ontario
  • R. Antabe (joint-supervised) (2016) Environment and Health Perceptions in the Vicinity of Surface Mining Concessions in the Upper West Region of Ghana
  • H. Woods (2016) The Contribution of Community-based Health Planning and Services (CHPS) to Community Sustainability and Health in the Upper West Region of Ghana
  • K. Atuoye (2015) Relationship between Household Food Insecurity and Health in the Upper West Region of Ghana
  • E. Eyles (2015) An economic and locational analysis of probiotic yogurt kitchens in Mwanza, Tanzania
  • J. Kangmennaang (2015) Impact of Agroecology Adoption, Migration and Remittance Receipt on Household Welfare
  • G. Tuyisenge (2015) Mothers' Perceptions and Experiences of Accessing Maternal Health Care : Exploring the Role of Community Health Workers and Continuing Professional Development in Rwanda
  • F. Mambulu (joint-supervised) (2014) Agricultural Interventions as a Means to Food Security: Experiences of HIV/AIDS affected Household
  • A. Rishworth (2014) Women's navigation of reproductive care in the context of Ghana's National Health)
  • S. Mason (2013) Upgrade from Master's Program to PhD Program
  • E. Chilanga (joint-supervised) (2013) Assessing the Impact of Nutrition Education on Gender Roles and Child Care in Northern Malawi
  • V. Kuuire (joint-supervised) (2011) Food Security Situation of Migrant Farmers in the Brong Ahafo Region of Ghana
  • T. Oiamo (2011) Upgrade from Master's Program to PhD Program
  • J. Tobias (joint-supervised) (2010) Embodied political ecologies of health: Examining the relationship between alcohol misuse and hepatitis in the Upper West Region of Ghana
  • R. Wasley (2009) HIV/AIDS Epidemic in Ukraine: Examining the Attitudes and Perceptions of State Orphans in Internaty
  • J. Howson (2009) Socioeconomic determinants of health and diabetes mellitus: Understanding relationships at the neighbourhood level in London, Canada
  • M. Whaling (2008) Assessing community perceptions of the likely impact of a probiotic yogurt project on community relations and health in Mahina District, Mwanza Tanzania
  • B. Curry (2008)Geographies of Infant Feeding Decisions
  • E. Andoniou (2007)Predictors of sexual behaviour change among men in the context of the HIV/AIDS pandemic in Nigeria
  • A. Khurshid (2007) Perceived health effects of a Chemical Valley: a perusal of Sarnia, Ontario
  • K. Smith (2006) Contaminated Therapeutic Landscape: Perceptions of the Aamjiwnaang First Nations
  • T. Landry (2004) Community strategies for HIV/AIDS care and support in Nyanza, Kenya (University of Windsor
  • C. Wills (2003)Association of ambient air pollution levels with respiratory hospitalization in Windsor, Ontario University of Windsor
  • Y. Li (2002) Association between variations in newborn length of stay and readmission rate in the 49 counties of Ontario University of Windsor


Refereed Journals

Refereed Journals

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