Western Undergraduate Summer Research Internship Program (USRI)

The Western Undergraduate Summer Research Internships (USRIs) provide undergraduate students with engaged research experiences under the mentorship of a faculty member and are intended to stimulate undergraduate students’ interest in research through direct exposure and hands-on experiences conducting research. Through participation in this program, students gain valuable and high-impact research, technical and professional skills that will help support academic and career development towards their future professional goals. Faculty mentors benefit from meaningful engagement, assistance towards their research program and can use the opportunity to further a diverse HQP training environment.

USRIs are valued at a minimum of $9,268 for a 16-week term May through August 2024. Western will contribute $7,414 toward each Summer Internship, with a required minimum match of $1,854 from the supervisor, department, Institute, and/or Faculty.



Must hold a research-eligible appointment in Social Science; if you hold a joint appointment, please apply to your primary Faculty.

Additional co-supervisors do not need to hold a research-eligible appointment


Students must have been enrolled at Western in an undergraduate program in Winter 2024 and should be planning to attend Western in Fall 2024.

Preference will be given to students entering their fourth year of study in Fall 2024, and to applications from under-represented, econically disadvantaged and first-generation students. 


Social Science applications will be accepted from two streams:

Matched Stream

Students and supervisors who wish to work together on a research project apply together. Please note that in the matched stream, supervisor's must fill out the form.

Faculty of Social Science 2024 USRI Application Form (Matched Stream)

Unmatched Stream

Students apply individually. The department will match the student to a suitable supervisor and project based on mutual interests.

Faculty of Social Science 2024 USRI Application Form (Unmatched Stream)


Online applications must be submitted by February 28, 2024.