Imran Jaffer Internships

The Imran Jaffer Internships celebrate and recognize third-year students in the Geography – Urban Development Program (UDP), or 3rd or 4th-year students in the Geography-UDP/Ivey HBA program, who share similar qualities, values and interests to Imran, and will help them pursue their dreams and aspirations towards a fulfilling career in commercial real estate. This is a paid summer position. Students will receive academic pass/fail credit on their transcripts after they submit a written report about their internship experience and the companies submit a student employee performance evaluation form.

The Imran Jaffer Foundation has secured one internship position for our Urban Development students for the summer of 2020 with Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL) in Toronto: 

Job description
Application form, including criteria

We are very grateful to the foundation for making the internship possible. Past internship students share their experiences on the Imran Jaffer Foundation website, Warren Fung in summer 2017 and Dianne Ramos in summer 2016.

Please send in your application (above) and resume by email to Angelica Lucaci by February 13th 2022. If selected you will be contacted for an interview at the beginning of March.

If you have any questions abot how to submit your application or about any of these positions email Angelica