Physical Geography Learning Lab

Room SSC 1302

The Physical Geography Learning Laboratory (PGLL), which was officially opened in January 2015, offers a unique and engaging learning environment for students taking Physical Geography courses. The PGLL is an innovative facility providing integrated local field and lab experiences for students to better understand the natural environment, human impacts on the environment, and supports the development of critical skills necessary for a variety of careers and graduate studies. The facility provides students the opportunity to gain technical skills across a range of physical geography sub-disciplines including hydrology, geomorphology, climatology, environmental change, paleolimnology and aquatic ecosystems. The laboratory has been designed to enhance both traditional teaching methods as well as opportunities for hands-on experiential learning with large datasets, equipment, workbench space, water and power infrastructure. The laboratory is used by undergraduate students completing physical geography courses, design, construction and analysis of student research projects and undergraduate theses, as well as a variety of graduate courses.

Laboratory Supervisor: Erika Hill