Required PhD Presentations

Professional (Conference) Presentation

The purpose of requiring that all PhD candidates make a presentation of their thesis research (oral or poster) at a professional meeting is to encourage professional practice and knowledge transfer. This presentation should concern the thesis research and must happen prior to graduation. Funds in support of such a presentation are available from a variety of sources including the department (contact the Graduate Administrator) and the Society of Graduate Students. Participation results in a 'complete'.

Departmental Presentation

The PhD presentation requirement is to deliver an approximate 20-minute presentation (15 minute talk with 5 minutes of questions) at the Geography Speaker Series PhD Colloquium. PhD students will participate in this event with their cohort. Completion should take place before the end of year 3, or at the start of year 4. Depending on numbers, there will normally be both a Fall and winter term colloquium, with approximately equal numbers of participants. The GeoGrad Society will organize and promote this annual conference under the mentorship of a faculty member. Participation results in a 'complete'.